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Whether you are looking for permanent makeup  solutions for eyebrows, eyeliner, lip tattooing, camouflaging of the face or body, I am trained and have over 20 years of experience in the newest and most advanced techniques in the permanent makeup industry from around the world. My breadth of experience allows me to develop very unique approach for each customer. All of my supplies are manufactured in the United States, including pigments. I have the newest generation of numbing cream to deliver a practically pain-free experience. Each procedure takes 1.5-2 hours on average, with simple guidelines afterwards to ensure a short healing process. I’m always happy to answer any questions or concerns.

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Permanent Makeup Services​

Advanced Training For Licensed PMU Professionals

Custom tailored programs based on the skill level and desired goals!

Natalia Leon Permanent Make Up


Please be attention! Before making appointment you will pay non refundable deposit $50 (for each zone) to secure your spot and your deposit goes toward to the final price of your service. Deposit must be paid within 3 days after requested appointment! Thank you for understanding!

Powdered Effect \ Combination Technique \ Ombre
Eye Enhancement
Bottom Eyelids Liner
LIP PERMANENT MAKE UP​ (1 procedure)
Lip Contour (outline+a little shading))
Full lip tattooing (outline+full shading)
Beauty mark
CAMOUFLAGE TECHNIQUES​ ​(price for 1 session)
Scar Cover up \ Surgery scar Cover up \ Burn scar \ Skin discoloration \ Vitiligo
$250 per hour
Scalp camouflage \ Hair imitation \ Cleft lip tattooing \ Areola \ Nipple tattooing
$250 per hour
1st touch up (per zone)
2nd touch up (per zone)
1st year
30% off
2nd year
full price

Everyone can benefit from permanent makeup, men as well as women. I can address:

  • Pale or light eyelashes, eyebrows or lips.
  • Signs of aging.
  • Asymmetrical facial shape.
  • Post-surgery and burn scars 
  • Areola reconstruction
Permanent makeup can support people with: 
  • A busy schedule that does not allow for regular makeup care.
  • An active lifestyle (frequent traveler, swimming, sports, etc) that makes traditional makeup maintenance difficult.
  • The contemporary perfectionist who wants to match the latest trands

Finally, permanent makeup is recommended for those who have:

  • Allergies to traditional makeup
  • Poor vision that impairs makeup application
  • Spot hair-loss

Note: those with all types of diabetes, blood coagulation issues, keloid scarring, certain allergies, skin inflammation, those on a vitamin A prescription, pregnant and breast-feeding women, or blood-borne diseases should avoid permanent makeup.

Depending on the zone of application, your visit will generally take between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete from your arrival to completion. Together you and I will discuss your desires, and we will develop a unique shape that is individual to your needs and structure. I will then present color options, and we will choose the optimum combination for you. Depending on your individual characteristics, makeup complexity, and coloring choice the application procedure itself takes between 40 minutes and 2 hours. During the procedure, application of the latest numbing cream will minimize any pain or uncomfortable sensations. 
Afterwards, I will provide detailed instructions on post-application care and maintenance, and schedule a time for any required touch-up. Rehabilitation after the procedure generally take 7-10 days. Upon leaving the studio, you can immediately return to your normal lifestyle. You can be socially active without concern for appearance and will experience very little to no discomfort. I will always be available after the procedure for any questions or concerns to ensure you are completely satisfied. 

My primary instrument is the permanent makeup machine, which applies natural pigments to the skin using a sterile micro-needle and is replaced after every use. Newest generation numbing cream can be applied to minimize any pain. Practically all equipment and pigments used during the procedure are made in the US.


  • I have been watching this space for quite a while, before I decided to go ahead and book myself in for a Permanent Make Up by Natalia Leon of the upper and lower eye line and a lip blend. After a fair bit of searching I have found Natalia in South Tampa. She had a very impressive webpage with lots of experience. I rang her and she was very nice explained everything to me and also sent me an e-mail outlining the procedures and FAQ. Reading all the reviews made me quite worried about pain. I told Natalia and she said she will be putting plenty of numbing cream on. As it was expected my eyes and lips were slightly swollen, but they went down very quickly. Really, I was the only one who noticed them.
    I am very happy with the result, even though it is not finished yet. I am going back for my second appointment for the touch-up and I am really happy done it!

    Permanent Make Up


  • I always wanted to do of permanent make up of  my eyebrows because they were empty and uneven. I found Natalia   and didn’t regret it. The procedure lasted about 2 hours. Natalia used a pencil at first to draw the my new shape. After I approved it and agreed on it and she used a pen to create  thin strokes for imitation  my real hair. I hardly felt any pain. Natalia used some numbing cream  which really worked. Now I really enjoy my new eyebrows!

    Permanent Make Up


  • I decided to get my eyebrows done because of a lack of arch and fullness of my brows. It actually all started when I got eyelash extensions.So when I got my eyelashes done, brows was the next step. I like my brows so far though, the shape is good. 

    Permanent Make Up


  • I searched on line for camouflage tattoos to cover stretch marks and surgery cut from a mini tummy tuck- I came upon Natalia enough site and liked her experience & photos from actual clients. I recommend her absolutely!

    Permanent Make Up


  • Natalia has a great eye for eyebrow design.  There was a little bit of discomfort at the beginning, but her numbing cream helped a lot. What’s neat is that she provides 1 touch up after the initial procedure so  it looks great. I never had any permanent make up done before and I’m really enjoying not having to always apply makeup before work! I would highly recommend Natalia and just having permanent makeup done in general.

    Permanent Make Up