Permanent Make Up & Facials by Natalia Leon

Permanent MakeUp FAQ's

Permanent makeup can refer to several different techniques: such as microstroking, 3D permanent eyebrows, dermal cosmetics and microblading, which I use individually or in combination to enhance the unique features of each client’s face and body. Each technique applies a colored pigment to the upper layers of skin, which allows the pigment to remain up to a year or more before requiring renewal, removing the need for daily makeup application. Despite all the marketing gimmicks, permanent makeup is essentially an artist applying lines and shading, as with any art form.

We all have busy schedules and active lifestyles that make the daily application of makeup burdensome and often inadequate. After a permanent makeup treatment, a woman can still maintain perfect eyebrows, sharp eyeliner, and adorable lips without spending hours every morning in front of the mirror. Now you can wake up every morning and go out whenever you want. For those with an active lifestyle, with permanent makeup, you also don’t have to worry about smudging or reapplication. Finally, if you want to correct or hide cosmetic inconsistencies, permanent makeup can cover hair loss, scars, discoloration, whether caused naturally or medically. 

The first step is to schedule a free consultation with me. We will discuss what results you want to achieve with permanent makeup. Then I will present the techniques and pigments customized to your needs and facial structure I recommend to realize the best outcome. 

The exact duration depends on many conditions such as: lifestyle, skin type, pigments, hormonal balance, among others. Generally, a permanent makeup application will last between 1-3 years before requiring touch-up.

Recovery usually takes between 7-10 days. However, during this period all of my clients are able to immediately return to a socially public lifestyle. I provide a comprehensive recovery treatment and care instructions to each client to ease and expedite the recovery process. 

Some clients experience mild discomfort during the procedure. However, I use all of the newest generation of numbing creams to make the process nearly painless.

You should avoid permanent makeup if you:
  • Have any kind of blood-borne disease
  • Have glaucoma (in the case of eyeliner permanent makeup)
  • Have lip sores or cold sores (in the case of lips tattooing)
  • Have skin inflammation of the face
  • Have had recent facial surgery
  • Have severe allergies
  • Have a tendency to form keloid scars
  • Undergoing chemotherapy
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Plan on using botox in the 3-4 weeks following the treatment
  • Clients on blood thinners, vitamin A supplements, or cod-liver oil should take particular care when considering permanent makeup.
  • Clients on retinol or tretinoin treatments should stop taking these 30 days prior to the planned treatment. Clients on isotretinoin should stop taking it 1 year before the treatment.
  • Clients using eyelash enhancers and extensions should stop using them 2-4 weeks before planned treatment.
  • Clients must not use any kind of chemical peels 30-60 days before or after a planned treatment. Laser peelings must not be used for 1-1.5 years after a treatment. Skin discoloration can result.
  • Recently tanned skin can make the selection of appropriate pigment more difficult and can result in overly bright pigments.
  • Clients who have used any kind of lip fillers should wait at least 3-6 weeks before planning a treatment.
  • Clients who have had previous applications of permanent makeup from another artist, please let me know during the consultation.

Yes, but it is very rare. Prospective clients should be forthcoming with any known allergies. During the consultation, we can also test the proposed pigments and numbing cream on the client’s skin beforehand. 

I recommend regular touch-ups because permanent makeup is similar to painting a picture. The best results are achieved in gradual steps, similar to a painting, not all at once. After around 21-28 days, I recommend the first touch-up to improve the results. After a few more months, clients will have the opportunity to touch-up further. I will ensure that you are fully satisfied with the final result.