Permanent Make Up & Facials by Natalia Leon

Eyebrow permanent makeup

The initial treatment requires 1-3 visits spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart. Permanent make up as the name implies requires periodical maintenance to ensure the freshness of the look, but you can expect the enhancement to last anything from 9 months to 18 months before a re-touch treatment is required.
The order of importance will of course vary from person to person depending on their perceived area of concern, however, I think most people would agree that the ‘eyebrows’ can make the most dramatic difference to the basic symmetry and enhancement of the face as a whole.
Framing and balancing the face a well designed and groomed brow can instantly give lift and emphasis to the eyes, giving a more youthful appearance. Various concerns such as sparse, thin or naturally very light eyebrows can be addressed by adding fullness and definition without compromising a natural look.
Microstroke technique –a separate drawing for each stroke creates the imitation of dense and voluminous real eyebrows.
Soft shading technique – also called powdered effect/ombre/3D eyebrows. This technique adds additional volume and a delicate appearance of eyebrow color.
Combination techniques – it offers the best of both ‘powdered’ and ‘hair strokes’ effects combined together to achieve a beautifully natural yet defined brows. The inner part of the brow is feathered with the hair strokes while the tails are powdered to achieve the perfect definition.

Permanent Make Up
Permanent Make Up