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Permanent MakeUp Services

Making a positive difference and enhancing many women’s’ lives, permanent makeup also known as micro pigmentation is without doubt fast becoming one of the largest growth areas in the beauty industry today. The procedure which implants pigments into the shallow ‘dermal’ layer of the skin is appealing more and more to women who are looking to refresh and enhance features, rather than opt for more invasive cosmetic surgery. This cosmetic procedure has long been a popular form of beauty enhancement amongst ‘ladies in the know’ but has been slow to enter into the main stream beauty industry, due in no small part to ‘bad press’ resulting from horror stories of badly designed and placed eyebrows or harsh lip lines.
Permanent Make Up
Permanent Make Up
However, much more interest has been shown over the last few years as the successes of these procedures have become more widely known. There is a lot more to this technique than meets the eye and the practitioner in addition to being skilled should also be able to ascertain and discuss in detail the desires and expectations of the client. Pigments will fade over time and become fainter but generally, results will last for between one to five years, are dependent on factors such as age and UV exposure, and vary from person to person. Many clients opt for a ‘refresher’ treatment to keep the color in its best condition every 12 months to 2 years. The procedure is completed over two treatments spaced approximately four to six weeks apart, the second or ‘follow up’ treatment is to fine tune color density and ensure pigments have retained uniformly. Eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color are the three main areas addressed. A well designed eyebrow not only balances the face but instantly gives lift and emphasis to the eyes. Lashes can be made to look thicker and a more defined liner can be created for those clients who wish to emphasize and add more definition to their eyes. Lips can be made to look more sensual just by adding natural color where needed. Subtle corrections can be made to thin or uneven lips and the results are very rewarding indeed.

The benefits are many and many are the clients who can benefit from this procedure, including the physically disabled, partially sighted or blind, people who have lost eyebrows and eyelashes due to alopecia or chemotherapy, athletic or sporty people, people with allergies to conventional makeup, people with concerns about facial asymmetries and last but not least are those who just desire freedom from the daily chore of make-up application but who like to look their best at all times. Finally, the most often expressed comment from clients who have experienced this enhancement procedure is that they feel that it has given them a ‘huge’ confidence boost.

  • If you have naturally light eyelashes, eyebrows and lips
  • If you are an active person who: regularly visits swimming pool, does sports or travels a lot
  • If you are very busy and saving time means a lot to you
  • If you want to correct some face asymmetry or signs of aging
  • If you long for perfection and want to keep up with current trends
Permanent Make Up
Permanent Make Up
Permanent Make Up

With the help of eyebrow correction one can solve complex task: to correct face proportions, to soften it or to make it more expressive, as well as to make it look visually younger. Lips make-up is almost a must for everybody. Using that procedure, lips can be slightly enlarged, made look fresh with rich or calm color shade; lip`s contour can also be emphasized. Eye make-up simplifies the task of everyday decorative make-up for mature women and those who wear glasses. Your beauty will be at your side anytime and in any situation!

Permanent make-up is meticulous, almost “jewelry” work. The most important and difficult part here is the correct technology of pigment insertion. This includes the depth of pigment insertion, perfect lines and uniformity of coloration. That is why the process of choosing the right permanent make-up artist is very important. You should only entrust your face to the master with skillful hands and artistic taste.