Permanent Make Up & Facials by Natalia Leon

Terms & Conditions

• All appointments require a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT/FEE which will be added towards the cost of the provided service. It must be paid within 24hours from the time you requested your appointment to be made.

• If you’re late for more than 20 minutes for your appointment, your scheduled procedure will be canceled. To book your new appointment, another non-refundable deposit/fee will be required.

• If you no show your scheduled appointment without any given notice, you will not be able to receive any services at all.

• If you currently have ANY kind of permanent make up done by another artist, please provide us clear photos (daylight or bright light) to get approved prior to scheduling.
• Any foreign permanent make up/cover ups/touch ups/corrections will be always considered and charged as new services with full rates.

• NO kids, family members, friends or pets allowed during your appointment. We take your health and our job very seriously. Please make sure to follow thru and come alone to your appointment. Otherwise, your appointment will be canceled.

• A lot of factors go into the outcome of your service. Depending on your skin type, health state, hormonal and metabolic changes, medications/supplements/surgeries, lifestyle, daily skin routine and/or any aggressive face treatments, aftercare – the results of the service may vary.

• We will not be liable for any changes in the shape/form/color/coverage etc once your final decision is confirmed and approved during consultation/sketching part of procedure. Please make sure to carefully review created shape/form/color before we start tattooing process.

• You’ll be provided detailed aftercare instructions after the procedure. It is client’s full responsibility to follow all instructions.

• Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice.

• We reserve the right to refuse service or fire a client for any given reason.