Permanent Make Up & Facials by Natalia Leon

Eyelid permanent makeup

Lashes can be made to look thicker by applying a soft, natural line between the lashes creating instant definition. This is incredibly effective at ‘opening the eyes’. A slightly more defined line can be created for those clients who wish to emphasize and add more definition to their eyes or who regularly apply eyeliner.
Eyelash enhancement treatments are incredibly effective at drawing attention to the eyes and can be as subtle or dramatic as required. The eyelash enhancement treatment is the implanting of pigment in-between the lashes along the lash line and is an amazing ‘eye opener’. The result is very similar to the effect that a ‘mascara wand’ leaves behind after application, except that it’s permanent.
Eye liner as the name implies is applied just above or below the lash line and can be fine or voluminous as the client requires. There are various color combinations and effects that can be chosen to achieve the desired result and this treatment really does often prove quite a revelation in terms of the possibilities to the client.
Microeyeliner (eye enhancement) – this technique is used to fill the gaps between the natural lashes. The pigment is applied on the eyelids making the eyes visually bigger, more defined with the impression of dense eyelashes. This method is for those who want to keep more of the natural look.
Bottom eyelid makeup – the pigment is applied to the line below the eyelashes. Bottom eyelid liner is not always recommended because it makes the eyes smaller and heavier looking.

Permanent Make Up
Permanent Make Up
Permanent Make Up