Permanent Make Up by Natalia Leon

Lips permanent makeup

Lip contour – corrects the contour of thin and pale lips, similar to using a contour pencil, using colors which are similar to  natural lip color. The best solution  to just outline the lips.

Full lips (outline + 3D-shading) – creates a shaded contour that smoothly transforms into the natural color of the lips. The shading can be partial as well as a full. This technique enhances the shape of the lips, making their color more intense.

Gradient lips – reverse effect to the lip contour technique. The darkest part is the middle of the lips that gradiently gets lighter towards the outline.

Elegant lips –  technique that is best used for the mature customers.

Ethnic lips – a special multi layered pigment technique that is used to neutralize a natural  dark and uneven skin appearance.